Melissa McBride Talks Romance For Carol On ‘Walking Dead’ S7

The following article does contain spoilers for The Walking Dead season six. 

When it comes to The Walking Dead characters, Carol (Melissa McBride) has had one of the most complex transformations from season one to now. Carol has gone from a scared wife and mother to an independent one woman killing machine.

McBride opened up to and discussed what fans can expect from Carol going into season seven and if her character is ready to love again. Is there still hope for a Carol Daryl (Norman Reedus) relationship?

“This is a different season. She’s definitely got some healing to do in her mind and where she wants to be on this earth, or she wants to stick around or what.

As the world is expanding, it’s still closing in at the same time in a very weird way, but who knows. I think she’s just got to get her mind right before she can even entertain any sort of relationship. I think it’s just difficult for her to have a relationship of any kind. Where we left off, if you care for somebody, you’re going to have to kill for them, and again, she’s just not sure she’s in that place.”

Fans last saw Carol and Morgan (Lennie James) together at the end of season six, away from the showdown with Negan. From the previews for season seven, it’s indicated that Carol will be meeting Ezekiel (Khary Payton) who is the leader of a new community called the Kingdom. Fans of the graphic novels know Ezekiel for his larger than life personality and his pet tiger Shiva.

The Walking Dead will return on October 23rd, and the reveal of who Negan killed will come with it. Are you looking forward to season seven of The Walking Dead? Comment below and let’s talk all things Dead.


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