Chris Hemsworth & Tessa Thompson Share ‘Men In Black’ Spinoff Set Photo

Men in Black Chris Hemsworth Tessa Thompson

Production of the Men in Black reboot/spin-off is underway and Chris Hemsworth celebrated the occasion by sharing an on-set photo of himself and Tessa Thompson on Instagram.

The Men in Black franchise is well remembered in the hearts and minds of anyone near a movie theater in the late 90’s and mid-2000’s. Whether it was Will Smith screaming at some disgusting alien, Tommy Lee Jones deadpan scowls, and of course all the alien slime-filled skirmishes – it’s earned its place as a piece of pop-culture. So it’s no surprise Warner Bros. is reviving that beloved franchise for newer audiences and production has already started with Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth slipping into the well-pressed onyx suits. To celebrate the start of production, Hemsworth took to Instagram to post a photo, shown below:

It’s sad that we won’t see Agent K and Agent J coming back to the franchise – Hemsworth and Thompson look pretty damn good.

Both were last seen opposite each other in Thor: Ragnarok which became an instant classic for Marvel and highlighted the comedic chemistry between the two. And while plot details have yet to be revealed, current chatter suggests that the film will be more of an ensemble film than it is a buddy-cop film. Of course, it will be an ensemble film involving aliens going splat, but an ensemble film nonetheless.

Either way with Thompson and Hemsworth attached, the MiB and the galaxy at large are in safe hands.

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