‘Transformers’ Director Michael Bay Debuts Brand New Look For Bumblebee


When Transformers was first released, a yellow Camaro named Bumblebee made his big screen debut and became an instant fan favorite. Now director Michael Bay has debuted Bumblebee’s new look on Twitter.

Bay thanked General Motors for their brand new take on the Camaro and the newly redesigned Bumblebee.

Production is currently underway on Transformers: The Last Knight and the cast has been growing recently.. The official Transformers Twitter account has revealed that Sir Anthony Hopkins (Thor, Silence Of The Lambs) has joined the cast of the upcoming fifth installment in the franchise in a currently undisclosed role. There’s no details whether Hopkins will be portraying a human character or a Transformer in the upcoming film.

Transformers: The Last Knight will feature the return of Mark Wahlberg following Age of Extinction as he reprises his role as Cade Yeager. Isabelle Moner is currently set as the film’s new female lead while Jerrod Carmichael is also set to star in a lead role. Josh Duhamel, who portrayed Lieutenant Colonel Lennix will return to the series, having previously been featured in Transformers, Revenge of the Fallen, and Dark of the Moon.

Transformers: The Last Knight will hit theaters June 23, 2017.

What do you think of the brand new look for Bee? Comment below and lets talk all things Transformers!

Chelsea Lewis

Chelsea Lewis

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  • Boogie

    He looked the f**king same!

  • UnBoxingJon

    Michael Bay is the Peter Jackson of car commercials.


    TF’s suffers from the same issue that the X-Men films do; they continue to go to the exact same well of characters, when they have a ocean of a roster to choose from.

    The TFU literally has 1000’s of characters, but Bay only seems to be interested in the same 5 or 6. They treat BB like the Wolverine of the TFU, when he’s anything but.

    • capwulf

      5 or 6? Try 2, Prime and Bumblebee. Not even Megatron because he’s never wasted time giving him a personality. Not to mention why the f can’t Bumblebee talk?

      • SAMURAI36

        Very true.

        I’m not a purist by any means, but TF’s could really do well with at least trying to honor the source material. Other than Prime being a truck, and BB being a yellow car, there’s little to no resemblance to the original material.

  • stlang

    I’m so pissed that this movie wont take place in space.

    • Sammy Boy

      I’m so pissed that this movie is going to take place in the first place !

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