Michael Fassbender Unsure About ‘X-Men’ Return As Magneto

Michael Fassbender says that he doesn't know if he will reprise his role as Magento in a fourth 'X-Men' film from 20th Century Fox.

Michael Fassbender James McAvoy X-Men First Class

Michael Fassbender says that he doesn’t know if he will reprise his role as Magento in a fourth X-Men film.

The X-Men movies have been largely successful and in a lot of ways, they helped kick-start the superhero era. Bryan Singer’s franchise started off strong before the third film, X-Men: The Last Stand, weakened the franchise.

Thankfully, X-Men: First Class refreshed the series and brought a plethora of new actors to play younger versions of the characters we’d already grown to love. One of them was Michael Fassbender, who played the younger Magneto (the elder Erik Lehnsherr was played by Ian McKellen).

Michael Fassbender, who will next be seen in Assassin’s Creed, rejuvenated the role and added more depth to a character who was deeply flawed, blinded by revenge, and immensely powerful. His portrayal, alongside James McAvoy’s Professor Xavier, further expanded on the duo’s dynamic friendship as well, a dynamic that has been central to the movies.

But after starring in three films, it may be time for Magneto to take a step back. Michael Fassbender was recently asked if we’d be seeing him again as Magneto in any future X-Men films and he wasn’t very certain about his future with the films.

“I don’t know to be honest. I haven’t made any sort of decision on it because I have no idea what’s happening next with the franchise to be honest.”

There’s still hope that Michael Fassbender will appear in another X-Men film, but his response doesn’t inspire much hope at the moment.

Would you like to see Michael Fassbender come back? Or is Magneto’s story over? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Empire Film Podcast

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