Mike Colter Talks About The “Classic” Luke Cage’s Costume

When they announced that there was going to be Luke Cage on Netflix, he was going to be an updated version of the Marvel comics character and now the 70’s Blaxploitation version that was so popular since he was first introduced in 1972. That version was Luke Cage as “Power Man” wearing the bright colored yellow shirt, belt chain, wrist cuffs, and his signature tiara. In fact, the official production title of the show when filming was code-named “Tiara.” However, the new Netflix version of the character’s uniform was a hoodie, which was an ode to Trayvon Martin which led fans to believe we wouldn’t be seeing him in any of the classic garbs.


In episode 4 “Step Into The Area,” we are treated to Luke Cage, or Carl Lucas’ backstory to Seagate prison before he became indestructible. After he receives his powers and escapes from the prison, he needs a change of clothes where he puts on some clothes he finds and we get to see him with the tiara, bracelets, and signature disco shirt. Cage see’s a reflection of himself and comments “I look like a damn fool.” This was a great Easter Egg and a nod to the original 70s version of the character.

Actor Mike Colter talks about when he learned about using the classic costume for the scene.

“I thought it was brilliant how they unveiled it. That, for me, was genius. When they said they were going to put me in that costume, I was like, ‘Oh God, here we go. But how? How?’ And I read the episode script and I couldn’t believe it. The way they did it was just so smart.”

Colter knows that’s a big moment for fans of classic Luke Cage, and wanted to make sure the scene worked well not only for the story, but for the fans.

“We commented on the original costume, we poked fun at it, and we also owned what it was. It was all what we needed to do. We wanted to see it but we needed to do it in a way that seemed organic but also made it seem like we were in on the joke. Like, ‘Hey guys, we’re just doing it because we know what you want.’ That’s what’s great about it.”

“You already know it’s coming. Yeah, yeah. That’s what it was. It was a slow release, pieces of information, and then you see it coming from a mile away. And it’s a hilarious costume. But when you see it, it’s still satisfying.”

Luke Cage is currently streaming on Netflix.

Source: MCU Exchange

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