‘The Flash’: ‘Game Of Thrones’ Actor Was Almost Season Four Villain

Grant Gustin The Flash

The Scarlet Speedster has faced many threats over the course of the previous three seasons. Each main baddie matches The Flash in power, with all being speedsters just like him. Season four is going to be different, will the next villain being a more phycological threat. That threat is The Thinker, and he is one of the smartest characters in all of the DC universe.

According to ComicBook, Game of Thrones star Miltos Yerolemou came extremely close to playing The Thinker. During Nashville’s Con of Thrones, a reader told the site that Yerolemou mentioned the role saying that he “read to be The Flash’s next ‘Big Bad’” and the tagline was along the lines of ‘The Fastest Man Alive vs. The Fastest Brain Alive.’ Yerolemou also said he wasn’t really the right man for the job. The casting director reportedly gave him three pages of random Roman trivia to memorize and repeat back to them.

Clifford DeVoe (The Thinker) is a Flash villain from 1943 and was a foil to the original Flash – Jay Garrick. It’s unknown if DeVoe will be a villain from Earth-3 (Jay Garrick’s earth) or if his origin will be changed entirely. With the show returning this fall, we’ll likely get more details soon.

The Flash Season 4 premieres Tuesday, October 10 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

Source: ComicBook