‘Mission: Impossible 6’ Will Spend More Time In One Location

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Mission: Impossible 6 is set to hit theaters next summer, but a number of fans might be wondering what the latest entry in the spy film series has to offer that has not been seen in the previous five installments of the franchise. In an interview on the Scriptnotes podcast, writer and director Christopher McQuarrie discussed the process of making the latest Mission: Impossible film different from the previous five films.

McQuarrie revealed that the next film will scale back on the world traveling, opting to spend more time in a single location instead.

“I was determined, unlike the last movie, to spend more time in one location. I went back and I looked at the first movie, which started in Prague, and realized that they’re in Prague for the first half of the movie. So, I sort of pulled back a little bit on the globe-trotting. I think in Rogue Nation I think we might have been in six countries in the first ten minutes of the movie.”

Being the first director to return to the Mission: Impossible franchise, McQuarrie discussed how he turned to cinematographer Rob Hardy to help give the sixth film a different visual style than his previous entry in the franchise.

“That happened from the conversation I had with Rob Hardy, I said I want to do a very different Mission: Impossible. The franchise relies on a different director every time. That’s what it’s sort of become known for. And so I want to maintain that, even though I’m coming back. And to that end, I’m going to defer to you on certain things. And Rob said, OK. I said, so how do you like to shoot? He said, “Well, I tend to shoot pretty much on a 35 and a 50mm lens. Everything.” Which terrified me, because I tend to start at 75mm. And so 30 and 50 I reserve for very specific things. He shoots everything. He covers scenes in it. What was really interesting was on our second day we were shooting this car chase and we were into the hood mounts on the car chase. And Rob pulled out the 100mm lens. And the 135. And he was sort of shocked to find himself compelled to do it.”

McQuarrie discussed how he wanted to write a more emotional story Ethan Hunt in the sixth film.

“The problem with something like Mission, the action is dictating the narrative. And I was determined to change that on this movie. And I started with that. I started with more of an emotional story for this character and more of a character arc within it. It’s definitely more of an emotional journey for Ethan Hunt in that movie. But then the action comes in. And the ambitions of that action, so there’s a sequence at the end of the movie which is fabulous. It’s never been done. It’s all photo real. It’s going to be incredible. You then have to create the contrivances for that sequence to happen. And then there’s only a few locations in the world where you can shoot that sequence. So suddenly you find yourself going, well, I have this resource and that resource, and I have to put them in my movie. Why are they in my movie? And now I’ve got to explain that.”

You can listen to the entire interview with Christopher McQuarrie here.

Are you excited to see what Christopher McQuarrie has in store for Mission: Impossible 6? Share your thoughts below!

Mission: Impossible 6 stars Tom Cruise, Rebecca Ferguson, Alec Baldwin, Sean Harris, Simon Pegg, Henry Cavill, Vanessa Kirby, Frederick Schmidt, Sian Brooke, Angela Bassett and Ving Rhames.

Mission: Impossible  6 is scheduled to be released in theaters on July 27, 2018.

Source: Scriptnotes (via Collider)

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