‘The Mummy’ Review Round-Up: What The Critics Are Saying

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The first reviews for Universal’s Dark Universe starter The Mummy have hit the web.

The reboot of the classic monster film stars Tom Cruise as Nick Morton and Sofia Boutella as the gender-swapped version of the titular evil monster. Director Alex Kurtzman has falso swapped the charming era of the 1930’s for a darker, modern day setting, as it lays the groundwork for the shared cinematic universe full of monsters.

The Mummy tells the story of Princess Ahmanet (Boutella), an Egyptian Princess who was imprisoned when she summoned a great evil and murdered her father after he failed to uphold his promise to make her pharaoh after he sired a son. The ancient evil is then unleashed on the world in modern day after Ahmanet’s tomb is discovered by Nick Morton (Cruise) and at the center of it all is Russell Crowe as Dr. Jekyll, the head of a society dedicated to fighting monsters known as Prodigium that will serve as the connective tissue of the Dark Universe.

Unfortunately, The Mummy does not seem to be the franchise starter the studio was likely hoping for. Not only is the film set to get crushed by Wonder Woman at the box office this weekend as it is tracking for a low $35 million opening weekend at the domestic box office, the monster flick has been met with a rotten 27% debut on Rotten Tomatoes with critics regarding the film as an empty out of the gate stumble that could be Cruise’s worst film to date.

You can check out a round-up of what the critics are saying below.

Variety’s Owen Gleiberman:

“”The Mummy” is a literal-minded, bumptious monster mash of a movie. It keeps throwing things at you, and the more you learn about the ersatz intricacy of its “universe,” the less compelling it becomes.”

The Hollywood Reporter’s John DeFore:

“It’s hard to muster anything like desire for another Dark Universe flick after seeing this limp, thrill-free debut.”

USA Today’s Brian Truitt:

“A tomb full of action-packed guilty pleasure that owns its horror, humor and rampant silliness equally.”

Forbes‘ Scott Mendelson:

“This may be Tom Cruise’s worst starring vehicle ever…”

Entertainment Weekly’s Chris Nashawaty:

“I’m not sure that this aimless, lukewarm, but occasionally rollicking take on The Mummy is how the studio dreamed that its Dark Universe would kick off. But it’s just good enough to keep you curious about what comes next.”

TheWrap’s Robert Abele:

“An out-of-the-gate stumble that doesn’t even have the sense to sport its own so-bad-it’s-fun personality, barely qualifying as horror, adventure, fantasy, thriller, or even Tom Cruise vehicle.”

Empire’s Dan Jolin:

“An odd but frothily entertaining genre cocktail, which coasts on the charisma of its two biggest names and keeps things just fun enough to forgive its considerable lapses in narrative.”

indieWire’s David Ehrlich:

“Obviously the worst movie that Tom Cruise has ever made.”

CraveOnline’s William Bibbiani (aka The Beast):

“The Mummy is defiantly not ‘about’ anything other than promoting its own franchise, and if that’s all this series has to offer, why would we want to see any more of it?”

HeyUGuy’s Stefan Pape:

“Kurtzman struggles to achieve a balance between capturing the essence and flavour of the original movies, while presenting a unique, standalone feature.”

We Got This Covered’s Matt Donato:

“The Mummy is a product of uninspired storytelling and a distracting focus on franchise world-building, rarely stopping to service the origin at hand.”

ScreenCrush’s Matt Singer:

“Even Tom Cruise cannot outrun this movie’s problems.”

So what do you think? Will you still be going to see The Mummy this weekend, or would you rather go see Wonder Woman again? Let us know in the comments below.

The film stars Tom Cruise, Sofia Boutella, Jake Johnson, Annabelle Wallis, Courtney B. Vance and Russell Crowe.

Michael Mistroff

Michael Mistroff

News Editor, Film/TV Reporter at Heroic Hollywood.