Are Mutants Secretly Joining The MCU With ‘Legion’?

While we know Marvel Television and FOX have partnered to bring X-Men based television shows to the small screen, with Legion and Hellfire (the latter now deaded) being the first announced as in the works, it was unclear where these shows would fit in the movie universes if at all. Many speculated that Legion would simply be part of the X-Men movie-verse even if the films never really mentioned it, but Noah Hawley had previously said the show wouldn’t feature movie X-Men characters.

These conflicting reports got many fans confused and turned off of the show as it seemed it would be a completely separate entity and a Marvel X-Men show in name alone. Yet a new article on breaks down all of the upcoming heroes to the Marvel Cinematic Universe seen at SDCC and Legion is among them. Does this mean the show will take place in the MCU? If so, mutants are now available to Marvel as the word ‘mutant’ is said during the trailer. Yet the article was written by a writer at and the inclusion of Legion could be a mistake as this is by no means an official statement. While it would be unlikely would let a misleading article be posted, we don’t know for sure until official confirmation is given.

Should Legion actually be apart of the MCU, it looks like mutants will be joining as well in early 2017. It would explain why no movie X-Men characters will be used, as Marvel Studios hasn’t had any of them pop up in their previous films. The show’s trailer was also pitched by Joe Quesada as a “brand new Marvel show.” Perhaps the introduction of the multiverse in Doctor Strange is what allows Legion to work within the MCU, but right now this is all speculation.

What do you think? Is this article to be trusted? Do you want mutants to join or Legion to take place within the MCU? Let us know in the comments down below!

Legion will debut on FX sometime in early 2017.

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Leon Brill

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