Neil Gaiman Sounds Off On What Warner Bros. Should Do With Superman Films

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Neil Gaiman, award winning author of The Sandman shared his thoughts on what Warner Bros Pictures and DC Films should do regarding Superman.

Over the course of Thanksgiving Weekend, a spotlight was put on Warner Bros and DC Films regarding its treatment of Superman on the big screen. With Henry Cavill’s future as Superman still a mystery, many fans are still speculating about what Warner Bros has planned for the Man of Steel after numerous attempts at bringing the beloved superhero into the 21st century. Insiders claim that Warner Bros have no idea on where to go with the character making it relevant to modern audiences, and naturally Superman fans all shared their own takes on whether the studio should opt for a tone closer to Christopher Reeves’ era or the more world-weary version that Zack Snyder and Henry Cavill helped establish.

Well, Neil Gaiman responded on his official Twitter profile to share his thoughts on how Warner Bros should use Superman. You can read Neil Gaiman’s thoughts on the matter below:

Neil Gaiman’s statement on making Superman “inspiring” rather than “relevant” can lead to even more endless debates on how Superman should be portrayed in the world we’re living in today. But Neil Gaiman’s comments here still pinpoint something that Warner Bros should take into account: Superman has stood the test of time for nearly a century and perhaps focusing on making the character inspiring for audiences no matter the times we’re living in is what the studio should capitalize on.

Along with The Sandman, Neil Gaiman is known for his work writing acclaimed genre novels including StardustAmerican Gods and Coraline. He’s also written for both Marvel and DC Comics.

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