Latest Netflix Additions Include ‘The Flash’ & ‘American Horror Story’

The CW's hit DC Comics drama The Flash and FX's American Horror Story: Hotel are now available on the streaming service Netflix.

The Flash

Following a brief period in which streaming was down, Netflix is back up and running and it has some new additions for those who don’t have plans for the weekend. Okay and for those who do as well because at least some of you are going to want to cancel after reading that both season two of the CW’s hit series The Flash and FX’s American Horror Story: Hotel are now available for streaming.

For those of you wishing to get caught up on The Flash before the premiere of season three tonight, well, you might want to take drink some coffee and get to bingeing so as not to fall even further behind. Plus, it’s Flashpoint you know. The season spans 22 episodes that clock in at just over 40 minutes a piece. You will need a few days, but you know you can do it. How many of you contributed to Luke Cage this weekend? You know, the show that supposedly caused the crash? Yep, you can make it through The Flash as well.

For American Horror Story fans, you won’t have the same problem as the series famously embraces the anthology form of storytelling with each season acting as a stand alone story. Hotel stars Lady Gaga, Evan Peters, and Sarah Paulson and has been called the most graphic and sexualized season of the series yet. Season six, which is currently airing on FX, follows a story entitled My Roanoke Nightmare in which a couple is tormented following a move from sunny Los Angeles to rural North Carolina. You can watch both seasons concurrently as they are unrelated.

The Flash season three premieres tonight at 8/7c. American Horror Story: Roanoke airs Wed nights. All previous seasons of both shows are already available for your viewing pleasure on Netflix.

Source: ComicBook

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