Netflix Reveals First Official Details On ‘Resident Evil’ Series

The first details for the upcoming series have been revealed!

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Netflix has revealed the first official details on its upcoming Resident Evil series which includes the involvement of The Walking Dead and Supernatural veterans.

Last year it was reported that a Resident Evil television series was in production for Netflix. Since then, few details have come out of the streaming titan but as it turned out they were hard at work on the series. Earlier today, Netflix revealed that the upcoming show would about a group of children known as the Wesker kids in a place known as New Racoon City.

In the Resident Evil video game series, Wesker is the last name of Albert Wesker who was one of the video game’s reoccurring antagonists. The character had previously appeared in the live-action films. His only known child in the video games, however, is Jake Muller who appeared in the 2012 video game, Resident Evil 6. It was not revealed how these children will be related to Albert Wesker or Jake Muller.

Raccoon City is the name of the city where several of the Resident Evil games take place in. Resident Evil and Resident Evil Zero both involved police officers from the city with Resident Evil 2 and 3 both taking place in Raccoon City itself. At the end of the third game, the city was struck with a nuclear missile in order to prevent the zombie outbreak from spreading. How New Raccoon City will factor into this backstory was not revealed.

In addition, the announcement also revealed that longtime Supernatural producer Andrew Dabb would be helming the eight-episode long first season of the planned series. The Walking Dead veteran Bronwen Hughes will be directing the first two episodes of the upcoming series. Casting and a release date for the upcoming series have not been announced.

You can see Netflix’s full announcement below:

What do you all make of this announcement? Are you excited to see what Netflix has in store for the Resident Evil franchise? What do you think of the involvement of The Walking Dead and Supernatural veterans? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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