New ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Set Image Features Josh Brolin Rehearsing As Thanos

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With still over two years until Infinity War‘s theatrical premier, it looks as if production is gearing up as filming for the epic movie is set to begin in November. Although filming hasn’t quite started yet, the cast are preparing themselves so they’re ready to nail their scenes when the time comes. A new set image has surfaced online of Josh Brolin preparing himself by rehearsing as the film’s antagonist, Thanos. The Russo Brothers posted this image to their Facebook:


This is the first real image we’ve gotten as Brolin rehearing as Thanos for Avengers: Infinity War, but I’m sure this won’t be the last. Infinity War will essentially be the culmination of the first three Phases of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, pitting basically every Marvel character against the Universe’s biggest big-bad, Thanos. Thanos has spent the first two Phases of movies collecting Infinity Stones needed to complete his Infinity Gauntlet, which will give him the power to take over the entire Marvel Universe – unless the Avengers have anything to say about it.

Although originally Infinity War was split into two movies, both of which being one half of the same overarching plot, new announcements from the Russo Brothers have contested that saying the stories will in fact each have their own individual plots. As of right now, all we can do is focus on what we do know about Avengers: Infinity War, and wait to hear what they decide to do with the second film.

Are you excited to see Brolin face off against the entire MCU in Avengers: Infinity War? Let us know below in the comments.

Avengers: Infinity War hits theaters ion May 4th, 2018.

Source: Facebook

Josh Behr

Josh Behr

Jack of some trades, master of some others. That saying never really made a lot of sense to me.

  • G-Man

    Looks like he’s still in his chair.

    • Steve Steve

      “I can’t get out of this chair… It’s not my time.”

    • SAMURAI36


  • Afro Stache

    “Thanos has spent the first two Phases of movies collecting Infinity Stones needed to complete his Infinity Gauntlet”

    Um, he did?! I only saw him losing them one by one! First, he gave away the Space stone (the Tesseract) to Loki, who also had the Mind Gem in his sceptre. Both of those still remain out of his hands. Then he loses the Power stone in GotG. No word on what happened to the Aether (Reality? gem), but he needs to get his butt in gear and start inventory!

    • stlang

      They’ve been setting up the cosmic universe and the stones for the people that aren’t nerds, so Thanos will start hunting them down in Thor Ragnarok.

    • SAMURAI36

      I only saw him sitting on a floating chair made of asteroids.

    • I never said he did a good job 😉

      • Afro Stache

        LOL. True. But it’s funny how the MCU has been like “We’re setting Thanos up for Infinity War!” and we;re like “Setting him up or sitting him down?”

    • Ruben C Barron

      He didn’t give Loki the Tessaract. In fact, based on the current series of events, he’s never had it. Red skull had it, then Stark, then Shield, then Loki (stolen from shield), and now Asgard.

  • UnBoxingJon

    That’s the doctor that saved Nick Fury’s life.

  • Ruben C Barron

    Over two years? Infinity War has a May 2018 release. We’re nearly to the year and a half mark.