New Details On The Flash’s Role In ‘Batman v Superman’

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The following article contains major spoilers.

It was recently confirmed that Ezra Miller’s Flash would indeed make his big screen debut in Zack Snyder’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and now we already have details about his cameo in the movie thanks to a report by Entertainment Weekly, who have unveiled a ton of details about the DC Extended Universe in their latest issue.

As you may already know, Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne will have a few nightmares throughout the movie, but it sounds like Henry Cavill’s Superman will also be involved in various dream sequences of his own. As for the Fastest Man Alive, he will pop up in one of Bruce’s nightmares, and as Snyder tells EW, fans will be talking about this particular scene for quite a while:

Fans will have to debate whether it was really a dream, or maybe the kinetic hero breaking through time-space to deliver a warning. Synder calls this “a giant Easter egg” that he hopes will spawn plenty of online theories. “We had such a straightforward narrative, on one hand, I wanted this other layer of the movie to be complicated and bizarre,” he says.

What do you guys think? Whether or not he’ll be from the future, or just a hallucination remains to be seen, but feel free to speculate on his role in the comment section below.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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