New Footage For ‘Justice League Dark’ Premiered At NYCC


The upcoming DC animated film, Justice League Dark, won’t premiere until early next year, but Warner Bros. Animation just teased some new footage for fans at New York Comic Con.

Meagan Damore from CBR watched the footage firsthand and shared a detailed version of the first clip:

“…the Justice League sat around a table to discuss a new global crisis: law-abiding citizens were creating chaos in the streets with no probably cause. Wonder Woman suggests magic as the source of the outbreak, which Batman dismisses despite past encounters with Circe and Trigon. When Bruce Wayne goes home, however, he has a supernatural encounter himself; he begins to see the name ‘Constantine’ etched into the mirror as well as the walls of his bedroom. The scrawling on the well then transitioned over into the film’s opening credits.”

This is clearly an early glimpse of the film, judging by the use of the opening credits. For the second clip, though, NYCC attendees finally saw some of the Justice League Dark in action:

“Constantine uses a spell to force Jason Blood to transform into Etrigan in order to battle a handful of demons. Shortly after Etrigan changes back to Blood, Blood punches Constantine in the face and tells him he’s been fighting Etrigan for 500 years. He asked Constantine if he knew the risk, and Constantine said that he weighed the risk and decided saving his own skin was worth risk.”

There was a lot more revealed by the panel, including thoughts on how production was influenced by Harry Potter. Of course, a third clip was shown, adding Zatanna and Deadman to the mix:

“Constantine, Zatanna, Batman and Deadman visiting an old friend. Constantine encounters a few shrouds, who threaten to drag him down to hell. They express an interest in Batman, who they say ‘has cheated death many times.’”

Turns out Deadman has an interest in Batman, especially, as Jason O’Mara (who voices Batman) revealed that the character will try to possess him.

Last, but not least, the fourth clip finally includes Swamp Thing:

“Constantine, Batman, Zatanna, Deadman and Jason Blood go to meet Swamp Thing. Batman doesn’t buy that Swamp Thing exists. However, when Constantine casts a spell and threatened some ‘posies’ in his swamp, Swamp Thing rises from the swamp — but the clip cut away before Swamp Thing was truly revealed.”

Full disclosure, Swamp Thing is the only character I wholly care about at this point.

Unfortunately, the panel specifically said that no release date for Dark has been settled on, but we should see it hitting on-demand by early 2017.

Source: CBR

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