New ‘Logan’ TV Spots Include Yet Unseen Film Footage

New 'Logan' TV spots have been released, which offer a new look at Wolverine, Professor X and their young charge, Laura, in the film.

Logan Hugh Jackman Wolverine

Hugh Jackman’s final excursion as the grizzled Wolverine is about to be shown around the world as Logan is almost here, much to the excitement and paradoxically, the dismay of X-Men fans. The films and the franchise just won’t be the same without its most popular character, especially as Jackman has had at least a cameo in every X-Men film so far. (Yes, the magazine cut-out of his face in Deadpool still counts.)

Yet, Wolverine’s closing act might be the best of his portrayals, if early reviews are anything to go by. We are about to be treated to a more weary and anti-social man than we’re used to seeing, if that’s even possible. The latest TV spots showcase some unseen material, with Wolverine in all his gruff, slash-happy glory, as well as some more heart-wrenching moments. If you’re too impatient to wait another minute for Logan, satiate your curiosity with these themed TV spots.

The “Heroes Become Legends” spot promotes the film as well as player for Manchester United, Wayne Rooney, while the “X-Men Fan” one shows young Laura dispatching some bad guys, along with a wizened Professor X voiceover lecturing Logan on the meaning of life. The “New Friends” spot has some new footage, including Logan, Laura and Xavier sharing a meal with an unknown family, and Xavier quipping about Logan’s new glasses. “The Last Ride” offers a more upbeat look at the movie, focusing on the journey of Laura and Logan. Take a look at the TV spots below:

Logan will be released on March 3rd in 2D and IMAX.