We Finally Know How Many New ‘Star Trek’ Episodes We’ll Be Getting

New Star Trek Episodes

We’ve talked a lot about the new Star Trek series coming to CBS All Access next year, but for all the rumors and speculation, we still don’t know much about it. We know it’s going to be available on streaming rather than on traditional television, and we know that the great Bryan Fuller will be serving as its show runner, but beyond that, it’s been shrouded in secrecy.

Thanks to Collider, we now have a little bit more information to go on. They were able to catch up with Bryan Fuller at the Saturn Awards where he revealed, among other things that the new series will opt for a 13 episode run instead of the network standard 22 and that – although they’ll all be roughly an hour in length – the streaming format allows the show some flexibility to play around with the running time of each individual episode.

Fuller also noted that, at this stage, they’ve finished arcing out all the major beats for this upcoming season, and they’re about halfway done with the writing on the individual episodes.

I’m interested to see what Star Trek looks like in a more condensed format with more meticulously planned serialization. The classic Trek series were – like most TV at the time – heavily episodic. Outside of the odd two-parter, each individual hour of television told a fully self-contained story, and there wasn’t much in the way of a broader narrative continuity connecting them. They were a collection of short stories featuring the same characters and similar locations. Even Deep Space Nine, which was one of the pioneers of mainstream serialized television, developed its story arcs over time instead of having things totally mapped out before hand. If the rumors that this series will have a seasonal anthology format are to be believed (and I do believe them), this will truly be undiscovered country for Star Trek. It’s all so exciting!

There’s a lot more to Collider’s interview beyond that, and you should definitely go check it out, but before I let you go I wanted to relay the heartening news that Bryan Fuller is committed to maintaining the diverse, progressive legacy of Star Trek by (possibly) featuring members of the crew who are queer.

Star Trek has never filmed certain subject material because it was filmed at a time when showing a gay character or showing certain kinds of characters was frowned on. What I’m so looking forward to is to see you guys be so progressive and all-inclusive. Are you looking at it that way?

FULLER: Absolutely. I think the progressive audience that loves Star Trek will be happy that we’re continuing that tradition.

Source: Collider

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