New Vigilante Costumes Abound In ‘Arrow’ Set Pics


With season five of Arrow is just around the corner, Oliver finds himself in dire need of new recruits and to get fans hyped, a few new set photos have hit the web showcasing a trio of masked individuals joining Star City’s vigilante crusade. Check them out below via Twitter.

Behind the hockey mask is Wild Dog, portrayed by Rick Gonzalez of TV’s Mr. Robot, a cocky individual who’s reckless nature attracts the attention of Green Arrow, who takes him under his wing. The character first appeared in his own comic series in 1987 as an auto mechanic named Jack Wheeler who took it upon himself to fight back against urban crime. Not too dissimilar from Casey Jones, Arrow star Stephen Amell’s lovable goon from this year’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows aside from the fact he uses deadly force.

Also among the team is returning character Evelyn Sharp, played by Madison McLaughlin, suiting up as Artemis. Sharp previously appeared in a single Season Four episode in which she impersonated Black Canary following the death of Katie Cassidy’s Laurel Lance. She’ll be a recurring character this time around, beginning with episode two. The daughter of Tigress and Sportsmaster in the comics, Artemis is better known among Young Justice fans as Green Arrow’s second apprentice after Roy Harper’s departure.

And finally, also returning from season four is Curtis Holt suiting up as Mr. Terrific. Star Echo Kellum promised as much early last month. It seems fans should have much to look forward to when Arrow premieres on Wednesday Oct. 5.

Source: CBR

Josh Setchel

Josh Setchel

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  • Darthmanwe

    Oh god, dat Mr. Terrific makeup…

    I’m gonna laugh so much :)

    • SAMURAI36

      What’s the matter with his make up?

      • Darthmanwe

        It’s just that it was never the most “live action friendly” of costumes, and that painted on ‘T’ on callum’s face is gonna make me laugh every time. Can’t help it really, it is just funny. I mean…. A painted T, for reals? Arrow so far got away with the costumes and make up, but Mr. Terrific is really pushing into the funny-as-hell direction.

        It’s not a bad thing, at least for me. It’s just that I was expecting him to get a helmet or something, but they are ACTUALLY doing the facepaint.

        • SAMURAI36

          It’s actually not a painted T.

          Through his mask, Holt can change instantaneously into costume and back again.[33] His mask also protects his face from chemicals.[34] The mask works in conjunction with an earpiece to act as a communications system, and also doubles as an encephalic broadcaster, picking up aggregate thought-waves, allowing him to communicate with his T-Spheres, and even project a speaking hologram of himself, even if he is injured or too weak to speak.[35] The mask can also form and transmit images on low- or high-band light frequencies visible to his teammate Doctor Mid-Nite.

  • UnBoxingJon

    Are they wearing hockey pads?