‘Captain America: Civil War’ Screenwriters Comment On Why We Didn’t See Nick Fury In The Film

While the film featured a good number of characters, there’s one missing from Captain America: Civil War who wasn’t even mentioned throughout the film. So, what was the reasoning behind Nick Fury not making an appearance? While speaking with the LA Times, screenwriters Christopher Markus & Stephen McFeely commented on that matter with Markus having the following to say regarding there choice to keep the character away from the events of the film.

We called [Fury], but he let the line blink. Primarily it felt like one too many possible opinions. We didn’t want him to take one side or the other, because that’s not his place in the universe. And then we didn’t want another, ‘Is he still with the government? Is he opposed to the government but supporting the government?’ It got to be the potential for a lot more polemic discussion that the movie did not have room for. He’s the guy who put it together. He’s been the sort of parent figure to the Avengers. Let the parent go away, and see if the kids can handle this. See if the kids can be who they’re supposed to be without that governing voice. Um… and they didn’t do that good of a job.

While he didn’t play a role in the events of this film, it’s already been confirmed that we will see former director of S.H.I.E.L.D. return in the upcoming two-part Avengers: Infinity War. When asked about the character lending a hand in the upcoming battle, McFeely stated that he “would think…Don’t you assume you’ll see everybody in the ‘Infinity Wars?'” Markus then additionally commented that it’s “probably all hands on deck.” But could we see the character pop up before that? Let us know where you think we’ll see him next in the comments section below.

Source: LA Times

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