Fellow Superman Actor Nicolas Cage Praises Henry Cavill’s Portrayal

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In a moment that actually did come closer to actually breaking the internet, there was a now false rumor that Henry Cavill was hanging up his cape as the Man of Steel going forward and no longer be portraying Superman. While Cavill’s Instagram video seems to point to the contrary, coupled with the outpouring of support from fans of his portrayal, it seems many are still looking forward to seeing Cavill in the role. Among those in his corner is Nicolas Cage.

As you’ll recall, Cage almost portrayed Superman in the never-released “Superman Lives” by Tim Burton, though the actor did finally portray Superman on the big-screen earlier this summer in Teen Titans Go! To The Movies. And Cage himself, doing press for his new film, Mandy, sat down with Indiewire and revealed that he’s a fan of what Henry Cavill and Zack Snyder brought to the Superman character, but he’s also interested in seeing what more could be done:

“I thought Henry Cavill was a very good Superman and I liked the anger he brought to the role. You have to have a filmmaker that can create worlds. I would love to see Panos’ version of Krypton. The other one would be the original guy I had, Tim Burton.”

There’s definitely a lot of back and forth onto the Man of Steel, but right now, going off of what Cavill and his agent have indicated, the Superman role still belongs to Cavill. With that said, what do you think of Nicolas Cage’s comments? What more would you want to see in a potential follow-up to Man of Steel? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: IndieWire

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