‘Drive’ Director Nicolas Winding Refn Wants To Make A ‘Batgirl’ Film

Following the release of his critically acclaimed 2011 B-style film Drive, director Nicolas Winding Refn expressed interest in making a Wonder Woman film. Well, as we all know he won’t be getting a shot at that particular franchise unless Warner Bros. decides to give him a ring for the sequel, which seems a bit unlikely. However, the director still really wants to make a superhero film at some point and while speaking with Business Insider, Refn commented on the possibility.

“God, I would love to make one, it would probably be great fun. I just don’t know when it’s going to happen. I very much enjoy my freedom creatively, but I also would love to make one of those big Hollywood films that costs a lot of money and has a lot of people running around with cell phones and all that insanity.”

With Wonder Woman off the table for the time being, there’s another character that the director would like to take a crack at and it just happens to be one that the studio is rumored to have live-action plans for.

“What ones are left? know the one I want to do? I want to make Batgirl. Let’s get Warner working on it.”

With Batgirl currently rumored to appear in the upcoming Harley Quinn spin-off film, there’s definitely a slight chance that Refn could get his wish in the near future. I mean, I know that I definitely want this one to happen. So, uh, I think it’s time to pick up the phone Warner Bros. and get this one going. Would you be interested in seeing Refn direct a Batgirl solo film? Perhaps there’s another property you think he would be a better fit for? Let us know your thoughts on the subject in the comments section below.

Source: Business Insider

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