NYCC 2016: ‘Gotham’ Panel Highlights


New York Comic Con is going on this weekend and one of the first panels today was Gotham. Robin Lord Taylor (Penguin), David Mazouz (Bruce Wayne), and Erin Richards (Barbara Gordon), took to the stage for a live panel Q&A with fans. There aren’t really any major spoilers for the upcoming season, but the actors discuss their character relationships, certain plot developments, and working with each other and others on the show.

Below are some of the highlights from the panel!

David Mazouz talked about how Bruce will be a bit “envious” of his clone in the next couple of episodes.

“The clone, we still don’t know much about him, he was born in a lab and he sees a kid looking exactly like him with all that stuff. All he knows is lab coats and experiments and now he sees Alfred, Selina, and a big house and he wants that. So I think this ‘clone’ is going to teach Bruce to use the things around him and I think Bruce is going to teach the clone… well, you’ll see.”

Mazouz continues:

“There will be a jealous conflict in the next episode. For two years Bruce has wanted to do more with Selina but hasn’t had the balls to make a move and make it happen. The clone isn’t as encumbered by that. So we see he took the car and he may be going to make that move.”

Robin Lord Taylor was quick to compare the Penguin to Donald Trump.

“We were doing a panel and someone asked, who is the biggest villain in Gotham City and I said Donald Trump… but this was like a year ago before all of this. And so from there one of the writers said that they were somewhat inspired by that and that going forward with what Penguin went through so he has to make a move to legitimize himself in Season 3 and what better way to run for mayor.”

Taylor goes on to discuss the scene where Paul, Penguin’s father, dies and how that sadly and unfortunately coincided with his own father’s death.

“So that scene where Paul died, my actual dad died and we kept shooting that day anyways. So I was acting my actual reality. So production asked what I wanted to do and it was Paul’s last day. My mom was with my sister and I couldn’t make it to Iowa, and it was a strange confluence of events where your reality is what your character is going through. There were some scenes that was actually happening in my real life. It was my favorite and will always be my favorite episode. Although I will never watch it.”

Erin Richards discussed Barbara and her relationship with Tabitha.

“She has such high hopes for her and Tabitha. She has this new found power with Sirens and Penguin in the underworld. So she is seeing the rise within herself. So it is fun to me to play this character. When is she going to be serious Barbara. Or flirty Barbara…. all of those things, I just let them happen. The thing about Tabitha is that Babs needs her cause she is crazy. She is the face of the Sirens, but Tabitha is the muscle. Later in the season there is a risk that she is going to lose Tabitha and so Barbara goes all guns blazing to get her back.”

The cast was asked if there will ever be a possible crossover with the DCTV universe on The CW, to which Mazouz responded: “We would all love it, but it isn’t our call. I think it would be great. Any crossover — now that The Flash can time travel — I wouldn’t mind it.” Mazouz also spoke about how he looked to Christian Bale’s Batman for inspiration for his character.

Other interesting news to come out of the panel is that Barbara will have upcoming scenes with Nygma and Bruce will be interacting with the new Poison Ivy.

Gotham airs Mondays at 8/7c on Fox.


Mae Abdulbaki

Mae Abdulbaki

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