‘Once Upon A Time’ 6.01 “The Savior” Review: The Evil Queen Is Back

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We’re finally back Oncers!  Before we start unpacking this season premiere, lets revisit where we last left our heroes at the end of Season 5.

The biggest question facing our heroes as we head into Season 6 is can they achieve a happy ending and what does that actually look like? Is it domestic bliss for Captain Swan? A united Charming/Swan/Mills clan?  During the OUAT special: Evil Reigns Once More, EP’s Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz commented that “we need to start to question what is a happy ending. We think of it as a definitive moment and then we pull back and we say ‘the end.’ But perhaps, a happy ending is something you have to live every day.”

Regina will have to come to terms with the worst parts of herself and determine if she can truly separate out the darkness. The Evil Queen wants to punish Snow and Emma. This Evil Queen makes the Other Evil Queen look like Jiminy Cricket, according to Kitsis.

We got a glimpse of The Land Of Untold Stories at the end of Season 5, a mash up of different worlds, featuring stories like Aladdin, The Three Musketeers and Paul Bunyon. OUAT has spent the last several seasons in different lands -Oz, Camelot, The Underworld, etc. – and it is now time to bring the story back home to where it all started: Storybrooke.

This season we look to return happiness to the character’s that have lost hope. Let’s dive in!

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