‘Once Upon A Time’ 6.02 “A Bitter Draught” Review: How To Exact Revenge

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Welcome back Oncers! A lot happened in the season premiere. We are now dealing with a Storybrook where there is a Regina AND The Evil Queen. The more Lana Parrilla the better. Let’s dig in to Episode 2: ”A Bitter Draught”, shall we?

“A Bitter Draught,” is described as follows: David and Snow work with Regina to neutralize the threat; Belle seeks Hook’s help finding a place to hide from Rumple; Emma shares her deadly vision of the future with Archie; and Craig Horner (Legend of the Seeker) guest- stars as the Count of Monte Cristo.

Click through the links below for our RECAP.

The Count of Monte Cristo: Past

Present Day

Regina vs. The Evil Queen

Showdown At The Dock

Elsewhere in Storybrooke

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