‘Once Upon A Time’ Producers Promise Huge Season 6 Changes

Once Upon A Time

With new characters, new lands and old villains causing havoc, ‘Once Upon A Time‘ Season 6 is looking particularly crazy. We already know that The Dragon is returning, but who else is coming to the new Season? Edward Kitsis, Executive Producer on the show has spoken in depth as to how much Season 6 is going to change, and what fans can expect to see.

The most prominent factor of the new Season is the ‘Land of Untold Stories‘ in which the characters originating from there don’t have an ending to their story. Edward Kitsis went on to explain a little further.

“They have left their own stories for various reasons — they didn’t like how they ended, they didn’t like how they were going, they needed to be on the run Emma and the heroes are going to have to help a whole bunch of people finish their story. the Land of Untold Stories is populated with folks kind of like what we hinted at in the season 5 finale, where we saw Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. They’re characters who we haven’t touched upon in our show, and for whatever reason have found their way out of the Enchanted Forest”

It seems like the ‘Land of Untold Stories‘ will be the gateway to a whole new host of characters and ideas that will surely keep viewers on the edge of their seat. It’s also a great way of introducing something to keep the show from going stale. Kitsis also teased some of the new characters we can expect to see during Seaosn 6.

“We’re seeing Jafar. As we’ve already shown in a little clip from the premiere, he’s a bit of a scary fellow who seems to be somewhat cold-blooded. We are going to learn a bit about the state of Agrabah, and what his role in that place is, and how that connects to the Once Upon a Time spin on the Aladdin/Jasmine story. We’re going to see that the Queen has a connection and a tie to the Count of Monte Cristo. We are going to find out why he ended up in the Land of Untold Stories, why he ran there. He has a very interesting connection to a few of our friends in the Enchanted Forest.”

Once Upon A Time‘ now has a long history in terms of it’s characters and plots – giving the producers plenty of things to draw upon when crafting new ideas that connect to previous events. It sounds as if we can expect plenty of previous acts to have some kind of resounding effect on the latest season.

“This really is a family that has come together. Henry’s dream in the beginning was to bring everyone together, and I think in a lot of ways he has, but this year they’re going to be tested from their past. It’s hard to say what would surprise you about this story this year without giving away the surprise.”

‘Once Upon a Time’ returns on Sunday on ABC at 8 p.m. ET.

Source: EW

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