Oscar Isaac To Produce & Star In Live-Action ‘Ex Machina’ From DC Comics

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Oscar Isaac is set to produce and star in a live-action adaptation of the Brian K. Vaughn series, Ex Machina from DC Comics.

Oscar Isaac is set to produce the adaptation alongside his manager and producing partner Jason Spire. The rights to the DC Comics series were recently picked up by Legendary Pictures and will be adapting the series into a film titled The Great Machine. The rights to the DC Comics series involved a three-year film and television deal with creator Brian K. Vaughn.

Anna Waterhouse and Joe Shrapnel are currently set to write the script of the Oscar Issac produced DC Comics film. A director for the Ex Machina adaptation has not been selected. It is currently unknown what role Oscar Isaac will play in the upcoming film.

Ex Machina is a creator-owned long-running comic book series from writer Brian K. Vaughn and artist Tony Harris, published by DC Comics through their Wildstorm imprint. The storyline focuses on the life of Mitchell Hundred, a.k.a. The Great Machine, who is the worlds first and only superhero. In the wake of his actions on 9/11, the hero of Ex Machina is elected the Mayor of New York City with the story focusing on his term in office, the political situations he finds himself in that the mystery surrounding his superpowers. Ex Machina ran for fifty issues with an additional four specials from 2004-2010. But now it seems that Oscar Isaac wants to bring his talents to the DC Comics series.

What do you all make of this news? Are you happy to see that Ex Machina is getting a big-screen treatment with Oscar Isaac? What do you think of the series from DC Comics? What role do you think Oscar Isaac will be playing in the DC Comic film? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Stay tuned for more news on Oscar Isaac’s upcoming Ex Machina adaption from DC Comics as we learn it!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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