Footage Of Pandora: The World Of ‘Avatar’ Makes Its Way Online

Footage of the two big attractions at the Animal Kingdom Disney World expansion Pandora: The World Of Avatar have made their way online.

Pandora The World Of Avatar
The latest expansion to a Disney Theme Park will be Animal Kingdom’s Pandora: The World of Avatar, opening on May 26. Some fans who have been invited to the event were lucky enough to experience the expansion’s rides, and have recorded footage of both of the park’s major attractions.

The long-awaited park expansion allows visitors to fully immerse themselves in the world of James Cameron’s 2009 monster hit Avatar. There are two major attractions for visitors to go to – Flight of Passage, a motion simulator that places riders on the backs of Pandora’s Banshees as they fly by the planet’s floating mountains, and Na’vi River Journey, a boat ride that allows those onboard to get a closer look at Pandora’s flora and fauna.

Four Avatar sequels are planned for release in the Decembers of 2020, 2021, 2024, and 2025, and while the internet might treat the Avatar franchise as something that can’t catch on again due to the ridiculous amount of time that’s taken to get even one sequel off the ground, the criticism directed at the movie’s clichéd plot, and the groundbreaking 3-D of the film as being seen as “gimmicky” now, the acclaim that this park’s rides are getting are definitely a reassuring sign for James Cameron and Twentieth Century Fox that the interest in this world is still there. Hopefully, park attendance will match the praise that these attractions have received.

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