Pierce Brosnan Denies That He Is Cable In ‘Deadpool 2’

Deadpool 2 Cable Rob Liefeld banner

Deadpool 2 rumors just keep flying around as the fire was stoked again by the teaser set before Logan. However, a supposedly crucial part of the Deadpool sequel is either being kept secret or has not yet been worked out. Cable, a frequent frenemy of Deadpool, has still not been publicly cast despite several rumors that suggest otherwise. One rumor for a Cable casting was started after Ryan Reynold’s posted a picture of himself, Pierce Brosnan and Hugh Jackman on a bench waiting at an airport.

Though Reynolds didn’t tease anything, fans went into an uproar when they realized that Brosnan’s silver hair and muscular physique might would make for an exceptional Cable. Unfortunately for those who were fond of this supposed casting, Brosnan himself has now denied that he has any sort of role in Deadpool 2, much less that he is Cable.

At the 3:20 mark in the video below, Jimmy Kimmel starts asking about the photograph in question, and whether the rumors had any credence to them.

I actually think that Brosnan is one of the only well known actors that I would like in the role, although Russell Crowe certainly interests me as well. However, as Kimmel brings up, it is important to note that Brosnan very well could be acting (that is his job you know) that he doesn’t have a role because the studio told him not to tell anyone. Let’s not forget that Jason Mamoa apparently spent around 5 years dodging (or denying) any questions about Aguaman.

Deadpool 2 currently has no release date.

Source: Comicbook.com