Pixar’s ‘Lou’ Poster Reveals Upcoming Theatrical Short

A brand new poster for the upcoming Pixar animated short film 'Lou', which is set to debut in front of 'Cars 3' has been revealed.

LouOne of the hallmark traditions of Pixar Animation Studios is the attachment of their short films in front of their theatrical releases. Lou will be their newest short film, and will be attached to Cars 3.

The short is directed by Dave Mullins and follows the titular Lou, who is this peculiar creature who lives inside the lost and found box of an elementary school. He is a warm, lovable monster that decides to take on the schoolyard bully J.J. after witnessing the child stealing his classmates belongings and destroying them.

The first poster for the upcoming short film has been revealed via Pixar’s official Twitter account. You can see the new poster down below.

The animated shorts have been one of Pixar’s showcases for the ongoing leaps in animation. Piper, which was released in front of Finding Dory last year was the latest technological leap, and won the Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film. There is no doubt that the animation for Lou will be yet another leap, but it is the premise of this short that intrigues me the most.

Are you guys excited to see Lou? What is your favorite Pixar short film? Sound off in the comments below.

Lou will premiere in theaters along with Cars 3 when it hits theaters on June 16.

Source: Twitter


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