Play Arts Kai DC Variant Joker Batman Figure Released By Square Enix


Play Arts Batman: Rogue Gallery toy line series by Square Enix just added one of the coolest looking Batman toys I’ve personally ever seen on the market. The toy is the Joker Batman, which features the Dark Knight’s greatest foe, The Joker, decked out in Batman garb. The figure is an amalgam of both Batman and Joker, replacing Bruce’s armor for a more tattered, psych ward look, and the Joker’s infamous purple instead of Batman’s typical black/grey.

The figure is heavily detailed, and comes with a couple different pair of hands, an array of weapons (including the joker ‘bang’ gun), and a spare mask. His utility belt looks to include a water squirting flower, an exploding clock, and some dynamite. The other weapons include a sharper than normal Batarang, some playing cards, a knife, and a gun. You know, the typical Joker starter kit.

The figure price tag comes in at a hefty $199.99, and is expecting to begin shipping in March of 2017. Want to pre-order him? Check it out here.

Make sure to scroll through the next pages for the gallery of images, to get a better look at this highly detailed figure.

Are you going to pick one of these up as soon as possible? If I had an extra $199.99 lying around, this would be one of the first things I’d spend my money on. Which might explain why I’m perpetually broke. Anyway, sound off in the comments about how awesome you think this figure is!

Source: Square Enix

Josh Behr

Josh Behr

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