Pop Culture Conventions Bring Out Stars And They Are Earning Big

Being a star in the entertainment business can come with a massive paycheck. A major portion of stars earning can come from being a part of local and national fan conventions. Celebrities can meet fans, sign autographs and sell their own merchandise, all resulting in big dollar signs.

San Diego Comic-Con and New York Comic-Con drawn fans in from around the world, all looking forward to hearing new information about their favorite shows and/or movies and hoping for the chance to interact with their favorite stars. This interaction can come at a high price point for some.

Traditionally, these conventions were a home for TV shows or movies that have gone off the air but now modern shows and movies are taking full advantage of these convention circuits.

Arrow star Stephen Amell started his own talent agency as a result of these changing dynamics for actors and stars. His reasoning for this company is that he wanted to be in control of everything when it comes to his own brand and operation. Amell also commented on the earnings that one can make on the convention circuit.


“If somebody wanted to do a convention every weekend, they could make more on the convention circuit than their episodic fee.”

Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow executive producer Marc Guggenheim joined the ongoing conversation surrounding these events and earnings.

“In a world where residuals don’t mean as much, conventions are like residuals.”

The debate continues over what fans have to spend in order to interact with their favorite stars at these conventions. Which side are you on? Comment below and let’s discuss!

Source: Comicbook.com via The Hollywood Reporter 

Chelsea Lewis

Chelsea Lewis

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