‘Arrow’: Possible Spoiler Doesn’t Sit Well With Some Fans

New pictures from the set of Arrow feature two particular characters, and has fans up in arms about the fate of a major supporting player.

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This really can’t be stressed enough. If you’re not into Arrow spoilers, you’ll want to turn away before reading any further.

New pictures from the set of The CW‘s Arrow feature two particular characters. The most recent set tweeted out by Canadagraphs is simple, and isn’t the source of the spoiler in question. It’s just three pictures of Katie Cassidy portraying Black Canary, all in similar poses.

The other set is a different story, and has fans up in arms about the fate of a major supporting character. Fans of the show are already familiar with the cliffhanger fate of Felicity Smoak. It appeared that her time may have been up, but there’s a common rule in television shows like this one that any character who dies off-screen is may not really be dead.

Well, four pictures from the Arrow set in Vancouver show actress Emily Bett Rickards reprising her role as Smoak, albeit now confined to a wheelchair.

As for why commenters are upset by this reveal, their anguish stems from a belief among many fans that Arrow draws a little too heavily from Batman’s mythos rather than that of its titular character. One commenter even referred to the CW’s take on Oliver Queen as “Batman playing Robin Hood.” Fans believe that Smoak is essentially set to become Oracle, a role played by Barbara Gordon in comics and other media after she is crippled by the Joker and can no longer fight crime on the main front. She spends most of her time in front of computer screens, assisting Batman from afar. Given Smoak’s characterization on the show, many suspected after the midseason finale that she would receive the Oracle treatment.

To be fair, this is far from confirmation that this is going to happen. Smoak’s wheelchair confinement may be only temporary, and this may be one of many instances in which “spoiler” is synonymous with “speculation.” Either way, we’ll know more about Smoak’s fate when Arrow returns on Wednesday, January 20, with the new episode “Blood Debts.”

Source: Canadagraphs (via CBM)

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