Possible Confirmation Of Jena Malone’s Role In ‘Batman v Superman’


Last week the news broke that actress Jena Malone’s scene in the upcoming ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice’ was unfortunately cut from the theatrical release, but now possible confirmation of Jena Malone’s long rumored role in ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ may have been revealed.

Warning: Potential spoilers ahead.

“….. with an R-rated “Ultimate Edition” on home video, featuring even more brutal fight scenes as well as additional hints at future films. There’ll also be some new characters, including a secret one played by Jena Malone, who was cut from the theatrical release.”

Shortly after news of her scene being cut, rumors began to circulate that the scene itself was deemed “too violent” and a new rumor revealed it featured none other than a Oracle origin scene ripped straight out of “The Killing Joke.”

In the days that followed, fans seemed to have this hope crushed with Zack Snyder told EW that:

 “She’s definitely not Robin or Batgirl. I’m happy to say that.”

jk_simmons_a-pShortly after he revealed that, Actor J.K. Simmons was revealed to have been cast as Commissioner Gordon in the upcoming Justice League film, and fans once again began to speculate that because Snyder had cast Commissioner Gordon, the likelihood of Barbara Gordon became even stronger, and although Snyder said she wasn’t “Robin or Batgirl,” he didn’t specifically say she wasn’t playing Oracle or Barbara Gordon.

But now it appears we have some new potential evidence to support this.

According to a new post that has made the rounds on Imgur, a Redditor was invited to fill out a fan entertainment survey provided by Warner Bros. Pictures regarding the upcoming film. The fan was shocked to see the following within the survey:


Upon further digging into the origin of the survey, it was found that the survey may actually come from an official Warner Bros. site called “Warner Bros. A-List Community.” Now it is entirely possible that the image is a fake, it is worth noting that the above screenshot does not show any clear signs of photoshop, and it does match the formatting, style, and look used in the WB A-List Community site.

While it is still possible that this is another well crafted fan creation, and with fans becoming better and better at crafting well made pieces of “evidence” to support a widely popular theory, this new-found image just may finally confirm  what many have speculated all along., that Jena Malone is playing Batgirl.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice hits theaters this month on March 25, 2016.

Source: Reddit (Via Comicbook.com)

Taylor Landine

Taylor Landine

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  • KryptonianWarrior

    My thing is…..If she truly is Barbara Gordon (Oracle), then why did she end up on the cutting room floor? Seems like she would be a pivotal character in the movie. Like she’d be helping Batman while he is fighting Superman. I don’t know. Just seems like a waste to me.

    • henryducard

      She might not be as pivitol as we think and in the comics Batman hasn’t always used her as an info hub because he has his own means on top of the fact that multiple heroes and groups use her. It might just be Batman reflecting on all the bad things that have happened to him and those around him and fueling the rage to fight superman and the only reason why it ended up on the cutting room floor was that they wanted a pig 13 rating and they knew it was too brutal.

    • Theclaw Yaww

      Maybe it was to many characters and she was insignificant to the story, they can always introduce her in batman solo movie

    • Eobard Thawne

      More likely she was just part of a flashback to help explain why Bruce is as damaged as he is and it didn’t fit with release.

  • John Gargiulo

    If it’s not filmed already, maybe they can film the killing joke scene with JK and Jenna and Leto for the R rated bluray… its alot but hey it’d be cool. Love to see a joker flashback scene…

  • World’s Finest Comments

    I took a survey exactly like this a couple months before Tell Tale officially announced their Batman game.

    This might actually be real…

  • well if Jenna is Barbara Gordon / Batgirl / Oracle, im pretty happy with this casting 😀

    …. even if her scene ended up on the cutting room floor :(

    if and when WB / Team Snyder are ready to shed some light on the character Jenna plays, i hope they make a big deal of it. I mean its friggin Barbara Gordon / Batgirl. she’s one of the earliest superheroines next to Wonder Woman.

  • breakerbaker

    Obviously no idea whether she’s Babs or not. I’m pretty confident this is a fake image just for the fact that it doesn’t make sense. Why are Lex and Clark listed with a bunch of bit players in the movie?

  • Daniel

    I find it hard to believe that this is real. Why would someone whose part is so small in the film that it was able to be cut from the theatrical release be listed third on that list?