‘Captain America: Civil War’: Possible Description Of The Trailer Revealed

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With just six weeks left before the rumored premiere of the Captain America: Civil War trailer attached to Star Wars: The Force Awakens, we have a possible description of the trailer!

Reddit user WatsUpWithJoe claims to have attended a private Q&A with the Russo Bros. that ended with a screening of the Captain America: Civil War trailer. Check out the trailer description below! Obvious SPOILER WARNING!

“This is a description of the FULL trailer that will be attached to Star Wars. If you want to stay surprised, don’t read it. OBVIOUS SPOILER WARNING!


We get our first look at Falcon using red wing, a drone, tracking an armored vehicle. It uses X-ray vision to look at the vehicle suspension and internals. Pretty badass. Once determining thy vehicle is the one their after, Flacon dives off a building and goes soaring towards it. Black Window runs through the streets and an alley to cut off the vehicle if Flacon can’t make it. Then we get our first look at Crossbones in his suit and in action in a massive action-packed set piece that looks great. Crossbones throws a magnetic bomb that attaches to Caps shield. Cap loses the shield and is forced into a hand to hand brawl. “Remember me? You dropped a building on my face!” Crossbones mentions he might know where Bucky is. Falcon is also caught up in the brawl. He is shot at, but deflects the bullets with his wings. They seem to be much stronger than in Winter Soldier, possibly vibranium.

A brief glimpse of Vision sitting in an arm chair wearing a black suit and tie. Brief glimpse of Black Panther fighting Cap. He has retractable vibranium claws in his suit, which looks fantastic on screen! Brief glimpse at Tony Stark, looking bruised and scraped, suiting up in Iron Man armor that seems to be a bit bulkier. Brief glimpse of Martin Freeman from behind with some voice over. Then a shot of Steve Rodgers holding onto a helicopter with one hand and a landing pad with the other, attempting to prevent the helicopter from taking off with all of his might (and massive biceps).

We see more of the Ant-Man post credits scene, Cap asks Bucky “Do you know who I am?” Bucky smirks and recalls a story from their childhood, revealing that he’s regained his memory and ready to fight with Cap. General Ross speaks to a group of officials, either congress or some other world security council. He seems to look pretty worn out, he’s lost a LOT of weight! Sam Wilson, Steve Rodgers and Wanda Maximoff are standing outside a van. Wilson says something about “Our new recruit.” The van door slides open to reveal Scott Lang sprawled across the back seat. He fan boys over meeting Cap, “You know so many super powered people, thinks for thanking of me… Thanks for thinking of me… I’m still shaking your hand.” He lets go and after a moment pats Cap’s bulky chest and says “wow.” Finally, we see two lines form, team Cap and Team Ironman, ready to charge at each other. Hawkeye pins Black Widow to the ground “Are we still friends?” “Depends on how hard you hit me.” Cut to title: CIVIL WAR!”

Obviously, take this with a grain of salt at this point, but it does have elements of what is rumored to have screened at Disney’s D23 Expo back in August of this year.  The Reddit user claims to have attended this event with a total of 400 people, and lots of security, going on to state that phones were collected.  If nothing else, this description at least serves to build anticipation for the trailer’s release. Other interesting tidbits from the Reddit thread can be found below below!

“Does Spider-Man appear in the Captain America: Civil War Trailer?:

Not a single reference, nod, glance, or wink.

Spider-Man speculation:

Well no, actually, Peter Parker has an actual role in the film. Not just a post credits cameo. I believe he’s gonna be on team ironman, then switch to team cap. Rumors suggest Tony builds him the Iron Spider suit, seen in the Civil War comic. Tom Holland was also shooting scenes for at least two weeks. So unless the post credits scene is 15 min, that wouldn’t make any sense. So to say I, as many other fans, expected to see a Spider-Man reference in the trailer is laughable is just you being misinformed.

Potential William Hurt/Red Hulk:

Unless there’s some subplot about him being sick and deciding to somehow treat himself with Gamma cells, that’s much more likely. Seriously, he looked sickly. It took a bit to even realize it was him! Totally forgot he was in the film.”

Whose side are you on?  You have until May 6th, 2016 when Captain America: Civil War hits theaters to decide!

Source: Reddit

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