Post-‘Batman v Superman’, Producer Charles Roven’s Role In DC Films Changes

charles roven

In further news of a behind-the-scenes shakeup at Warner Bros. regarding DC Films, THR reports producer Charles Roven, who has worked on every WB-produced DC film since 2005’s Batman Begins, will relinquish the job on certain future DC projects like The Flash and Aquaman standalone films.

Roven was part of the central brain trust – alongside director Zack Snyder – that directed the burgeoning DCEU up to this point, a direction the studio is said to be rethinking in the wake of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’s performance. He remains a producer on Suicide Squad and Wonder Woman and will most likely continue on with those properties in that role should they get sequels. However, he will no longer be involved in the day-to-day production and the exact nature of his future involvement is “evolving.”

Batman v Superman was divisive with critics and audiences and though the studio insists it will turn a profit, it was not the billion-dollar grosser it had hoped for. There have been a steady stream of news about a change of direction. Among these reports were Ben Affleck becoming an executive producer on Justice League and Jon Berg and Geoff Johns becoming co-presidents of DC Films.

One reason for the shift is the growing global enterprise of DC films, where one person cannot manage the tasks as they stretch across countries and time zones. Roven remains on the set of Justice League, though WB has sent Berg to help oversee the daily production.

SOURCE: The Hollywood Reporter

Sam Flynn

Sam Flynn

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  • theClownPrinceOfTrolls

    dc fans be like

    • flavortang

      Not at all. I loved MoS and BvS, but they weren’t family movies. DC characters are just too awesome to not be done justice, and they will be done justice.

      In the end, they’re just movies. We first-worlders take these things WAY too seriously.

    • Morgangcho3

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  • Steve Steve

    It’s good to see DC making some changes. I have much higher hopes for their Cinematic Universe going forward.