‘Power Rangers’ Makes $15M At Friday Box Office

'Power Rangers' takes in $15 million at the Friday box office, but it can't beat out Disney's 'Beauty and the Beast' for the top spot.

Power Rangers Box Office

Despite Beauty and the Beast’s continuing reign at the box office, Power Rangers managed to turn in an impressive $15 million at Friday’s box office. Power Rangers, which follows five teens as they go from detention to super-powered Power Rangers, is expected to gross more than initially expected and it’s tracking to make $40 million in its opening weekend. The film cost $100 million to make, but it should hopefully make that up during its box office run. It’s generally received good reviews and brought about some childhood nostalgia for many.

Disney’s Beauty and the Beast will still be number one though and took in an additional $23.6 million on Friday. In its second weekend, it’s estimated to gross more than $89 million, which will then make it the fourth biggest second weekend-earning movie. At the international box office, Beauty and the Beast grossed an additional $250 million-plus, bringing its global total to $541 million, an impressive and amazing feat.

Kong: Skull Island opened in China this weekend and managed to bring in $22.6 million on Friday, which is one of its biggest openings for an American-made movie in China so far, and will earn $51.3 million for the weekend, at least through Saturday. 

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Source: THR

Mae Abdulbaki

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