Fanmade ‘Power Rangers’ Credits Meld Reboot And Original Series

Fans of the old 'Power Rangers' TV series will enjoy the nostalgia of this fun credits sequence mash-up of the original show and new movie.

Power Rangers Movie

The upcoming blockbuster Power Rangers is just one of the many reboots and remakes that will grace our screens this year, much as it’s been for the past few years. Not that I’m complaining. Seeing the same characters and stories but produced with the tools of modern filmmaking never ceases to entertain me – and if the end result of the new version is awful, the original is always there anyway.

Many children of the 90s era feasted on the episodic adventures of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers back in the day, and since then, the youths of the 21st century have been plied with television spinoffs and franchise offshoots of a smaller scale. The new feature film seems to both embrace its ancestral series and spruce up the franchise into something more palatable to a modern audience.

One talented editor has decided to use nostalgia as a force for good: melding the style and soundtrack of the original programme with footage from the recent trailer of the unreleased Power Rangers movie. The resulting product is delightfully cheesy, and will undoubtedly give older fans of the franchise a reason to bring their own kids to see the movie, or even slink along themselves. Check out the fanmade credits sequence below:

Will this year’s Power Rangers reboot inspire a whole new generation, or fall flat with legions of other attempts to revitalise old ideas? Time (and Rotten Tomatoes) will tell.

Lionsgate‘s Power Rangers will be released in the US on March 24 this year.

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