‘Power Rangers’: RJ Cyler On Respectfully Portraying Billy’s Autism

'Power Rangers' star RJ Cyler discusses his approach to respectfully portraying Billy's autism & the importance of including the character in the film.

Power Rangers
The new Power Rangers film will reboot the popular franchise and offer a more grounded take on the team of heroes. In addition to a darker tone and retooled costume designs, the film appears to be attempting to portray a more realistic and diverse team of characters. In an interview with Screen Rant, actor RJ Cyler, who will portray Billy, a.k.a. the Blue Ranger, discussed his approach to portraying Billy’s autism.

Cyler discussed the importance of including a character with autism and the responsibility of portraying the character with respect.

“I actually sat down and shut my mouth and actually just listened and you know, accepted every bit of information with no judgement… I knew that it was my job to show, you know, that people that are on the spectrum are just regular people, literally, just how we talk, how me and Becky [Becky G, Yellow Ranger] talk, they feel the same way, they have the same emotions, they wanna be loved, that want people to love, they want relationships they want, you know, connections, and it’s just like I was really excited to be able to play that ’cause I know it means so much to so many people, ’cause all of us are affected by it… and it’s something I feel like we needed to have in this movie to be honest.

While fans may be anxious to see how the new Power Rangers adapts the franchise that many grew up watching, the fact that the filmmakers and cast have attempted to portray a diverse group of characters with respect is admirable. Regardless of how the film turns out, I’m hoping that these portrayals will turn out to be as respectful as the team behind the film hopes.

Source: Screen Rant

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