‘Power Rangers’ Director On That Mid-Credits Scene

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With a six-movie story arc in place and a decent start to the box office weekend, it seems fans will have their fill of the Power Rangers. The film only had the original five rangers, but the narrative hinted at Rita Repulsa having formerly been the Green Ranger before going rogue and attempted to steal the zeo crystals for world domination and all that.

During the mid-credits scene, which has become just as much of a staple in franchise films as post-credit scenes, teased the arrival of the Green Ranger in the next installment. And in the mid-credits scene, he’s only hinted at by way of a green jacket and a teacher calling his name in detention.

Power Rangers director Dean Israelite spoke with EW and said that the film meant to tease the presence of Tommy, even though he never actually appears onscreen.

We thought about the fact that the movie is an updated version of the show, which was teenagers with attitude, so [the tease is saying] if you think these teenagers have attitude, wait ’til you see Tommy. He brings it in bucketloads. That’s what this scene is trying to hint at.

Asked about whether or not this was confirmation that Tommy would appear in the film’s sequel, Israelite kept it vague, but that yes, he’ll probably be included as that’s where they want the story to go.

Obviously, the next generation [of films in the franchise] would hopefully include what we’re teasing at the end of this film, because I think that’s something that fans are really going to enjoy. Even for non-fans, he would be an incredible character to bring into this ensemble, and of course you want to keep going.

Power Rangers is currently playing in theaters.

Source: EW

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