‘Power Rangers’ Movie Plot Details REVEALED!

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

As we alluded to in an earlier story, according to sources, the Power Rangers movie opens on Earth during the cretaceous period, where Zordon & his group of Power Rangers fight off Rita Repulsa. Zordon detonates a black hole in order to defeat her.

Let’s meet our new heroes. 65 million years later at Hart Automotive, a garage in the back of a car dealership in Angel Grove, California we meet 16 year old JASON who receives mysterious text messages from his friend BILLY. Next we are at Dave and Busters where we meet 16 year old ZACK who plays a supershot arcade style basketball game and scores 139 points. The girls love him and the guys want to be him. An assistant basketball coach tries to recruit Zack into joining the school basketball team but Zack declines by selfishly responding there is no “I” in team. Meanwhile, back at Hart Automotive we meet 16 year old KIMBERLY, a perfectionist on every level, academically and physically. Her father is the owner of Hart automotive. She slips into to the garage to meet JASON where she proceeds to make out with him and they get busted by her father. Uh oh. We next are in a bedroom where we meet 16 year old BILLY who is brilliant in his own way. Billy receives a text message back from Jason who notifies him that they’re on their way. Next we meet 16 year old TRINI, a bit of a loner, who is out in the desert doing yoga.

Out on the horizon of the desert near a decommissioned military base, Jason drives a two seat all terrain vehicle, billy rides shotgun. They’re heading to the decommissioned base to check out a dinosaur fossil. Billy discovered the dinosaur fossil of a T-Rex on Google Earth and wants to explore further. They start to dig underneath the huge T-Rex fossil and find a coin, a power coin, one that belonged to Power Rangers from the opening scene. Jason pulls a handful of power coins from the ground. Jason & Billy argue over taking the coins and Billy throws them back on the floor. The coins glint.

Meanwhile, at an observatory in Hawaii, Astronomers witness a meteor shower of historic proportions collide with the moon causing waves on Earth to rise in the Pacific Ocean due to the moon’s altered gravity.

Later on the outskirts of Angel Grove, Zack, Billy, Trini, Jason & Kimberly meet up & work as a team togethercfor the first time when a young mom needs to be rescued from waves that surged inland when the meteor shower struck the moon.

Next, in a teleportation room, a blue glow, Zordon from the opening scene, reappears as a light. An ethereal version of his entire body in a glass tube hovers like a ghost. Zordon has a conversation with Alpha 5, a robot. Alpha 5 informs Zordon they been marooned on Earth for 65 million years.

When Zordon detonated a black hole in the opening scene, it tore the fabric of time around the solar system. Zordon realizes that Rita Repulsa is also alive when her starship landed in Russia.He feels the lifeforms on earth are too primitive to pass the test to become Rangers. Meanwhile, in Russia, Rita Repulsa awakens and starts her quest to find gold. Our five heroes wake up in their respective bedrooms with their power coins and each discover they have powers and abilities unlike before.

Back at the command center on Zordon’s ship, Zordon and Alpha 5 discover Rita’s plan to acquire gold from a series of bank heists. She is trying to remake GOLDAR by stealing gold. Alpha 5 scans a map of Earth. Dots pop up. Goldar’s molecular presence scattered around the globe. Zordon and alpha 5 discover they have 71 hours to stop her. Zordon realizes that the power coins have bonded with five indigenous life forms on Earth. 71 months wouldn’t be enough time to train the new rangers, let alone 71 hours. Rangers are drawn from the free planets, the best and most disciplined chosen from billions. Taught from the time they were children.

Zordon hopes the power coins chose well because they have no other options. Will our new group of Power Rangers stop Rita Repulsa and foil her plan to remake Goldar within 71 hours? I guess we will find out when Lionsgate‘s Power Rangers movie is released in theaters on January 13, 2017.

Umberto Gonzalez

Umberto Gonzalez

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