‘Power Rangers’ Movie Villain & Opening Scene REVEALED! (Exclusive)

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Seems like I published my story about Lionsgate‘s Power Rangers a tad early yesterday. Let’s get right to it.

According to multiple sources, I can exclusively report that the main villain in the upcoming big screen adaptation of TV’s longest running top rated kids live-action franchise is none other than fan-favorite Rita Repulsa!  Sources describe her to me as…

“A huntress. A striking, yet subtly alien-looking woman. She carries a metallic staff topped with a distinctive crescent shape. Advances with a soldier’s confidence, guided by some sort of compass… Her staff is actually a device of immense power. She points it at the ground. Heads emerge, built layer upon layer like 3-D printing, made from the earth itself… The staff’s technology grants her the ability to create humanoid figures, soulless and robotic.”

I’m also told that we first meet Rita in the prologue of the Power Rangers film which takes place during the cretaceous period, on the last day of the dinosaurs on Earth. Rita fights that period’s Power Rangers. The Red Ranger is also fan favorite ZORDON! Sources describe Zordon to me as…

“Though alien, he looks like a man in his 50s. Sinewy and strong, as if carved from some root that refused to die. A being of integrity and iron will.”

That is all for now but I figured it was enough to get you Power Rangers fans excited. I’ll be getting a lot more so stay tuned. So what do you guys think? Chime in below…

Directed by Dean Israelite, Power Rangers comes out in theaters on January 13, 2017.

Umberto Gonzalez

Umberto Gonzalez

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