‘Preacher’ Murders A Popular Celebrity In Series Debut

Warning: The following article contains a positively ridiculous spoiler for the premiere episode of Preacher.

The actual debut of AMC’s Preacher won’t be arriving until after the midseason finale of Fear the Walking Dead, but those attending SXSW in Austin were treated to a special advance screening. And while they are certain to have no shortage of opinions regarding the overall dark and gritty tone that Preacher has achieved, there is at least one scene that nobody could have seen coming.

Preacher’s premiere episode is incredibly violent, with the main plot revolving around religious figures who are being blown up by an unseen force. And while these aforementioned religious figures are generally preachers (naturally), one of them hails from an altogether different kind of church—the Church of Scientology.

The scene takes the form of a news report, in which we see none other than Tom Cruise speaking in front of a public audience. He then proceeds to just explode in the middle of his speech. While fans of AMC series such as The Walking Dead are no strangers to blood and gore, it’s a fairly shocking scene to those who don’t see it coming.

For this, and more deliciously graphic scenes, catch the AMC premiere of Preacher following Fear the Walking Dead on Sunday, May 22.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Kieran Hair

Kieran Hair

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