‘The Predator’: Cast Rallies Around Olivia Munn Post Controversy

Olivia Munn The Predator - Courtesy Digital Spy

The cast and director of The Predator have rallied around Olivia Munn after the actress lobbied to have a scene removed involving a convicted sex offender.

The Predator will be released to theaters this weekend but its debut does not come without controversy. Co-Star Olivia Munn lobbied Fox to have a scene removed that involved an actor who is a convicted sex offender. Since then, the scene has been removed but Munn admitted to feeling isolated when her co-stars refused to comment on the situation, cancelled appearances and interviews with her, and neglected to respond to her communications.

But! The situation seems to have improved. Munn tells The Hollywood Reporter, her cast-mates have now begun to stand-by Munn during this whole ordeal and are now openly commenting on the situation and are actively apologizing for not taking action soon. As Munn notes:

“I’m grateful my co-stars have spoken out…I’ve spoken to a few of them privately, and they do understand the situation and have expressed their regret for how it went down. And I think they understand now. But it’s a tough situation.”

It’s great to hear that fences are being mended among The Predator cast. And more so, Munn goes on to say that she’s been reinvigorated by the positive response she’s gotten from the media and stands justified in her actions. Munn tells ‘The Reporter:

“I’ve been so blown away by the response from social media, fans, news, blogs…When something like this happens, it can oftentimes be polarizing, but it’s been so amazing to see that there are a lot of sane people out there that are all expressing the same kind of outrage and understanding, and that support. My voice is just one voice, but because of everyone else coming around it, it helped to broaden the conversation, make it louder.”

It seems as if the situation has been rectified. Munn acted in what she felt was right and did what many have to view as brave and selfless. She’s always been known as an actress with strong morals and integrity and it shows here in spades!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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