‘The Predator’ Star Jake Busey Says Box Office Returns Don’t Define Movie Success



Jake Busey, co-star of The Predator, says that studios need to stop looking at the raw financials of their films and put more stock in the cultural value of their pictures.

Jake Busey, son of legendary thespian and loveable, uh, iconoclast Gary Busey, was interviewed by Dread Central and took a moment to reflect on how studios rate the successes and failures of their pictures. Known for his breakout role in 1997’s Starship Troopers, Busey has been one of Hollywood’s go-to supporting players and will be having up-coming turns in Stranger Things, Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, and not to mention Shane Black’s, The Predator, Busey knows his way around a set. And after receiving notoriety for being in the cult-classic Starship Troopers, he feels that a movie’s success isn’t determined by how it performs in a theater – it’s measured by how well it resonates with an audience.

He argues his point by using Starship Troopers as an example. He tells Dread Central that the movie was regarded as a loss because it failed to recoup it’s production budget in the theaters however, it revered by today’s audiences as a sci-fi classic that many filmmakers have drawn inspiration from. Because of this, Busey feels that studios need to take that into consideration when judging the quality and performance of their films. As Busey notes:

“I think Starship Troopers made $70 million its opening weekend, but they spent $125 million, so they regarded it as a loss. They need get their heads out of their bean-counter butts and look at the tenure of the film and how it’s stood the test of time. It’s always on cable somewhere!”

Busey’s got a point. After all films like Blade Runner, Scarface, Boondock Saints, and Big Trouble in Little China were all considered box-office failures yet each one is probably in your movie collection. Do you think The Predator will earn a spot alongside those cult-classics?

Source: Dread Central 

The Predator is now in theater’s everywhere!

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