Production Designer For ‘Batman v Superman’ Discusses Batmobile

 With every new version of Batman, there are certain elements that must be tweaked a little. The costume, the gadgets, the Batcave, the Alfred…and then, of course, there’s the Batmobile. While we’ve seen some decent shots in a few of the trailers, we have yet to discover just how strongly the Batmobile will feature in Batman v Superman. We’ve learned that the doors are weak against a Kryptonian grip, but that’s really about it.

Production designer Patrick Tatopoulos recently addressed this in a new clip from behind-the-scenes featurette DC All Access. In his words:

“In the aesthetic of the film I thought that everything should be hanging or look like bats, but subliminally.”

He explains how this ties into the Batcave, where several elements are suspended. But he also ties it into the canopy of the Batmobile.

“The car, when the cockpit opens it looks like bat wings. Everything should have a slight undertone of the subliminal idea of a bat.”

The full episode of DC All Access is below, where you can hear Tatopoulos discuss his designs for the film in further detail and how the Batmobile helped inspire the rest of the production design for Batman v Superman. You’ll also be treated to a few nice close-ups of the Batmobile at a stand-still, along with some concept art to lay out the blueprints for the car’s design.

[youtube]Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will release in just over two weeks, on March 25.

Source: Variety

Kieran Hair

Kieran Hair

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