Rainn Wilson Lends Support To James Gunn Post Firing

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Rainn Wilson admitted that he would gladly work with James Gunn again and lends his support to the famed director post his controversial firing by Disney.

It’s been over two months since James Gunn was fired from his position as the director of the Guardians of The Galaxy franchise by Disney but it’s still a hot button topic among the MCU faithful and Hollywood as a whole. Since that time, Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 3 has been placed on indefinite hold, Disney commented that they stand firm on Gunn’s firing, and seemingly every day, a new celebrity shows their support for Gunn. This time it’s a old friend/collaborator, Rainn Wilson.

While Wilson is best known for his legendary turn as Dwight Schrute on The Office he also starred in the Gunn directed supehero flick, Super, that took a gritty, grounded, all too real look at the psyche of someone who would choose to become a superhero. The movie itself is a cult-classic but it’s infamous for its gratuitous violence and rather unsettling overtones. Wilson used the movie as an example of how Gunn uses the absurd to push buttons and confront boundaries. As Wilson noted to a crowd at Salt Lake City’s FanX Convention:

“Just like he said in his apology about those tweets that he did ten years ago, he’s a provocateur, you know. He’s always trying to push buttons and break down walls and push boundaries…If you’ve seen the movie Super that he and I did together, there’s all kinds of really, like — there’s prison rape in it and there’s all kinds of weird stuff. And he’s kind of genre-bending in that way.”

That’s consistent with how Gunn and his friends have defended the things he said. Wilson also noted that he would gladly work with Gunn again and praised his skills behind a camera.

“Would I work with James Gunn again? Yeah, absolutely I would, yeah…I think James Gunn is a great guy, a brilliant director, a good friend, brilliant mind — one of the most brilliant people working.”

Wilson capped things off by preaching forgiveness and understanding for Gunn as he notes that many people have likely said things they didn’t mean on Twitter and believes that Gunn will rebound from this affair.

“I think that we all tweet and say dumb things at various points in time. I wish him the very best… I think he’s gonna have a big, amazing, wonderful career because he’s a wonderful talent. And it’s great to see the support for him out here, thanks.”

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Source: ComicBook.com

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