Rapper 50 Cent Dons ‘Teen Titans’ Garb And Cosplays For Son’s Birthday

50 Cent

Everyone loves to Cosplay. After all, there’s a devoted group of people who dress up as their favorite superheroes and hit up their local comic convention. Hell, some people even make a living doing such. Many celebrities go to Comic-Con in Cosplay as a way of blending in with the regular crowd so they can go unnoticed. Sometimes playing dress up as your favorite comic book character can be thrilling and exciting. Sometimes, they may dress up for even better reasons, like their son’s birthday.

Rapper 50 Cent (AKA Curtis Jackson) recently celebrated his son Sire’s birthday. Sire’s request for his day was for the party to be themed like his favorite show, Teen Titans Go! His son also requested his dad come dressed for the party as well. Like any parent, he wanted to make his son happy, so 50 Cent and his ex-girlfriend Daphne Joy stepped up to make their son’s party a success. 50 Cent dressed as Cyborg and Joy dressed up as Cyborg and Starfire from the popular animated cartoon and comic book.






The former couple encouraged other attendees to don outfits themed for the popular show/comic book to ensure that their son had a great birthday party. The end result seems to be a happy kid.



Source: Cosmic Book News via Instagram

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