Robert Downey Jr., Chadwick Boseman & Anthony Russo Don’t Believe In ‘Superhero Fatigue’

While most of us don’t believe in the concept of ‘superhero fatigue’, there is a select few out there who are constantly writing about it and claiming that it is coming. Well, the cast and crew of Captain America: Civil War definitely don’t buy into it. While doing a Tumblr Q&A which was sponsored by BuzzFeed, stars Robert Downey Jr., Chadwick Boseman & co-director Anthony Russo commented on the subject with Boseman stating the following.

Absolutely not! As long as your story is character based, there is an infinite number of possibilities.

Robert Downey Jr. then commented on the matter, teasing Infinity War as something that people are definitely not going to want to miss.

Joe Russo was just pitching me some of the Infinity War stuff, so you’d better hold on to your hats. Sky’s the limit.

Finally, one half of the co-directing duo behind the film, Anthony Russo shared some more extensive thoughts on the matter.

The beauty of superhero movies is that there are always more stories to tell. You can go anywhere with the genre. With Winter Soldier we mashed up genres by making a political thriller. With Civil War we are doing a psychological thriller. Infinity War will be something else entirely. And other filmmakers are finding new ground all the time. You can go epic, or you can do small and intimate character work. You can do real world or fantasy world. I think we can all look forward to many more years of surprising and original superhero movies.

Some very cool comments from the three, especially Russo. Do you believe in ‘superhero fatigue’? Or do you believe that that concept is just a myth? Sound off with your thoughts on the subject in the comments section below.

Source: Tumblr

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