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Gotham Chronicle reporter Valerie Vale stormed onto the scene in the Gotham season three premier, dead-set on interviewing Jim Gordon about the occurrences in Indian Hill from the end of season two. Gordon, now working on his own as a ‘monster bounty hunter’, was reluctant to grant Vale an interview, but he eventually gave in to the reporters persistent requests.

In a stroke of inspired marketing of Fox’s behalf, the Gotham Chronicle website went ahead and published the ‘faux’ interview with the two characters from the show. In the interview, Valerie tries to pry a little further into the psych of a bounty hunter, as she asks Gordon about topics ranging from Fish Mooney’s return, to Wayne Enterprises connecting to Indian Hill, to Gordon’s own personal life.

Check out the interview below:

Valerie Vale: I feel like it’s important to start this conversation by saying you are no longer employed by the Gotham City Police Department. You’re essentially a bounty hunter.

Jim Gordon: Bounty hunter. Detective. Vigilante. Call me whatever you need to call me. My main concern is making a buck while keeping the streets of Gotham safe. I’ll leave the labels to people like you.

V. V.: Fair enough. In your opinion, what are some of the biggest challenges facing Gotham today?

J.G.: The biggest challenge in Gotham right now is the people’s lack of trust in the system. And I get it. They have a right to be distrustful. The last couple of years have been tough ones for this city.

V.V.: These last couple of years have been tough for you as well. You’ve had run-ins with the law, you were caught up in the recent mayoral scandal, and your former fiancée spent time in Arkham. How are things for you right now?

J.G.: Listen, I’m not here to talk about my personal life. I’m here to talk about what the people and institutions of Gotham can do to make this city great again. As we speak, the streets are overrun with mentally ill patients from Arkham Asylum. Just the other night I had a run in with a deranged drug addict who seriously injured a pharmacist while trying to get his fix. I was more than prepared to take him on, but imagine if it had been your mother or little brother walking by that pharmacy while he was committing his crime. What would’ve happened then? They could’ve been seriously injured — or worse.

V.V.: I don’t doubt that. There are rumors that many of these escapees were subjected to various tests at Indian Hill, a secret facility within Arkham. Some people say these tests caused mutations in the inmates that have made them more dangerous than ever. Some people are even calling them monsters. What’s your take on this?

J.G.: These monsters are just another example of how completely out of control Gotham has become. And obviously, Dr. Hugo Strange needs to be held responsible for all of this. He betrayed the trust of this city when he performed his experiments on these people.

V.V.: What do you have to say about the rumors that Wayne Enterprises is secretly financing Indian Hill?

J.G.: Miss Vale, I have no interest in rumors or innuendo. Any suggestions that Wayne Enterprises has secretly been funding a secret facility within Arkham are totally unfounded and, quite frankly, irresponsible. Aren’t you supposed to be a journalist, not a gossip columnist?

V.V.: Journalists ask the tough questions, Detective Gordon. That’s all I’m doing.

J.G.: It’s Mr. Gordon. I’m not a detective anymore, remember, Miss Vale? I’m a bounty hunter.

V.V.: Excuse me. Mr. Gordon. Moving on. There are rumors that Fish Mooney is back in Gotham. She hasn’t been seen in months, so the fact that she’s been spotted is big news for certain people in the city. How does she fit into the recent events that have taken place?

J.G.: Fish Mooney and I aren’t exactly texting buddies, if you catch my drift. I have no idea if she’s around or what she’s up to. But if she is still in Gotham, and if she’s involved in any sort of illegal activity, she’ll be held responsible. I’ll make damn sure of that.

V.V.: Word on the street is that there’s a $1 million dollar bounty on Fish Mooney’s head. As a bounty hunter, what do you think of that?

J.G.: $1 million is a nice chunk of change. If that’s the actual number, Mooney had better watch her back.

V.V.: I know you’re a busy man, so I’ll wrap this up. Just one more question: What do you think of Oswald “The Penguin” Cobblepot?

J.G.: No comment.

After reading this, one thing become obviously clear: Gordon does not like to talk about his work. And that he is in this whole bounty hunting thing primarily for the paycheck. He’s right about one thing, a million bucks certainly is a nice chunk of change.

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Source: Gotham Chronicle

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