Real Fans’ Questions Will Be Answered In ‘Resident Evil: The Final Chapter’ According To Ali Larter

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The Resident Evil franchise is reaching its finale, and with its sixth film Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, it sounds like diehard fans of the film series will finally get all their questions answered. At this summer’s NYCC Comic Con, cast and crew of the final film in the franchise took to the stage to reveal the final trailer and answer questions from fans and media outlets. spoke with Ali Larter (Claire Redfield) and she made it known that the film will tie up loose ends and answer questions on the mind of fans. According to Larter:

“I think it wraps up a lot of the storylines. I think it gives the answers that the real fans are dying to know. Like, what is the story of Alice? How did she come to be? I think that there’s something to bringing a little bit of humanity to this film that made me excited to reprise the role of Claire Redfield.”

She was then asked about the longevity and staying power of the Resident Evil franchise to which she replied that she was amazed fans have supported the films all this way, considering she has starred in three of the series’ six movies.

“The support and love that I’ve gotten with Claire has been so overwhelming and wonderful over the years. It’s super exciting to come back and do it again.”

It has already been confirmed that this film is the true finale in the series, and that it is an absolute ending. Larter will unfortunately not be able top reprise her role in another Resident Evil film since there will not be another one, but if one thing is for sure it is that she has had a great run.

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter release in theaters on Jan. 27, 2017.


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